Themes represented by CERAI

Bridge and Concrete Research Ireland (BCRI) was an enormously successful conference series. Over the years, the themes of the conference broadened significantly, attracting submission from the titular areas, as well as from other areas such as:

  • Geotechnics
  • Materials
  • Structures
  • Seismic
  • Sustainability

As the research needs broaden, and the range of submission widened correspondingly, the Organizing Committee of BCRI 2012 recommended re-naming the conference series. In addition, to streamline the organization from year-to-year, it was hoped that a special purpose organizing body should be established, termed Civil Engineering Research Association of Ireland (CERAI).

Purpose of CERAI

The Civil Engineering Research Association of Ireland (CERAI) was formed for the purpose of promoting civil engineering research and practice in Ireland, and its communication to academics and practitioners. The principal activity is the sponsoring and overseeing of the organization of a conference series dedicated to this goal, the successor to the Bridge and Concrete Research in Ireland (BCRI) series. These conferences have been and will be held about every two years. The conferences will address all relevant aspects of the subject of civil engineering systems, including bridges, concrete, other materials, geotechnics and other forms of civil engineering. There will be emphasis on applications as well as theory to maintain relevance to both industry and academia. The conferences will nurture early-career researchers by making it accessible and offering opportunities wherever possible to grow them as the next generation of leaders in research and industry.

Membership to CERAI

Membership to CERAI is granted automatically to those who register for a CERAI conference. Membership remains valid until 2 months after the succeeding conference. The registration list for the most recent conference is the ‘de facto' current membership list of CERAI. Membership in CERAI represents recognition of individual commitment to matters involving civil engineering systems research or practice.

Photo: The Narrow Water Bridge